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2020 BCFA Top hand recipient Max Tongate

2020 Putter Jarvis Memorial Scholarship winners

2019 Top hand award recipient Santanna Espinoza

2019 Putter Jarvis Memorial scholarship winners


2018 BCFA Top Hand Hunter Mares


2018 Putter Jarvis Memorial Scholarship winners



2017 Second Annual Putter Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Winners


The 2017/ 65th annual Brown County Youth Fair
is dedicated to Delton Sweatman.

  Delton has been a Brown County Fair Association member, friend, donor, and volunteer in many leadership capacities. Delton has become most synonymous over his past 47 years of service, as the face of the Brown County Fair Association's finance committee. Delton's commitment and leadership, within the finance committee during each one of these 47 years has resulted in making each premium sale better than the last. Delton's works and deeds have impacted generations of Brown County's youth, and we are forever indebted for the legacy he has given to us.
The 64th Annual Brown County Youth Fair

was dedicated to Brown County Youth Fair Lifetime Supporter and Member O.C. “Putter” Jarvis

Colton Edgar top hand award 2017 sponsored by Alderman Cave

He is quoted as saying, “ I have gained much from 4-H that no one can ever take from me. I believe I have learned the value of clean living; how to be a good loser as well as a winner; I know the value of money, the value of good livestock how to improve pastures and how to feed and manage livestock. Above all, I think 4-H has helped me develop proper attitudes and personality. It can do the same for every boy and girl who is interested in our nation’s welfare and in keeping it democratic and the world’s leader in agriculture.” Putter was always giving back to the youth fair, this was a trait he learned as a youth where he grew up in a home that put community service first and self down the list. As a "I Dare You Honor Roll" recipient in 1949 from the Danforth Foundation, he was challenged to dare greatly, to live usefully, and share freely all worthwhile things in life. He met this challenge wholeheartedly.   The Brown County Fair benefited from his participation as a board member, steering committee member involved in building current Earl Q. Wilson rodeo arena, outstanding buyer, leader and supporter of youth.  
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2016 First Annual Putter Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Winners

Putter Jarvis, Delton Sweatman and Bill Stewart, from left,
who have amassed close to 140 years of service to the
Brown County Fair Association, were presented custom-made
belt buckles by BCFA board members.