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Committee Chairs


Youth Fair Steering Committee:   Chair:  Daniel Purcell
Validation Committee:   Chair:  Craig Clark
Miss Brown County Fair Assoc Comm:   Chairs: Priscilla Monson
House and Grounds Committee:   Chair:  Jimmie Deen
Finance Committee:   Chair:   Gayland Miller
Concession Committee:   Chair:  Tracie Shuey
Trophies, Buckles and Ribbons Committee:   Chair:  Tim Fulton
Sales Program Committee:   Chair:  Amber Varner


Youth Fair Steering Committee:   Co-Chair: Craig Clark
Validation Committee:   Co-Chair;Russell Heard
Miss Brown County Fair Assoc Comm:   Co-Chair- Julie Gribble
House and Grounds Committee:   Co-Chair:  Mike Beal
Finance Committee:   Co-Chair: Guy Glasscock
Concession Committee:    Co-Chair: Jimmie Deen
Trophies, Buckles and Ribbons Committee:  Co-Chair:Jarene Hudspeth