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Committee Chairs


Youth Fair Steering Committee: Chair:  Daniel Purcell
Validation Committee: Chair:  Jaime Mares
House and Grounds Committee:  Chair:  Jimmie Deen
Finance Committee:   Chair:  Gayland Miller
Concession Committee:  Chair:  Tracie Shuey  
Trophies, Buckles and Ribbons Committee:   Chair:  Lori Hohertz
Sales Committee:   Chair:  Chanda Moseley
Auction Committee:   Chair:  Jarene Hudspeth


Youth Fair Steering Committee:   Vice-Chair:  Carey Thornberry
Validation Committee:    Vice-Chair:  Branon Evans
House and Grounds Committee:  Vice-Chair:  Russell Heard
Finance Committee:  Vice-Chair:   Carey Thornberry
Concession Committee: Vice-Chair:  Jimmie Deen  
Trophies, Buckles and Ribbons Committee:  Vice-Chair:  Misty Cozart
Sale Committee:  Vice-Chair:   Kaci Edgar
Auction Committee:    Vice- Chair:  Tiffany Rumfield