Auction - Premium Sale

"I'm still paying back" ~ Putter Jarvis

Support Brown County's youth by attending this year's premium sale in person to bid, or contact one of BCFAs' Finance Committee Members, Community Fund Leaders, or Volunteers listed below to make your donation or help with questions about making your bid.

Specific bid instructions are welcome.
January 16th, 2021
Buyers appreciation party 1:00 pm
Awards and auction 3:00 pm


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Community Contact Call/Text#
Finance Committee Chair Gayland Miller 325-642-3007
Finance Committee Vice Chair Carey Thornberry 325-642-9991
Finance Committee Member Guy Glasscock (board member) 325-642-3131
Finance Committee Member Daniel Purcell 325-203-1985
Finance Committee Member Warren Tongate 325-647-5200
Bangs Community Fund Justin Duncan 325-642-2188
Bangs Community Fund
Jason Duncan 325-642-0526
Blanket Community Fund Amber Varner 325-998-1353
Brownwood Community Fund

Stephen Haynes


Brookesmith Community Fund Wendy Harris 325-214-9732
Early Community Fund Shannon Adams 254-366-8968
Early Community Fund Chanda Moseley 325-998-0930
May Community Fund Jennifer Hardy 203-1244
May Community Fund Rachel Beal 998-4180
Zephyr Community Fund Stanton Marwitz 254-396-3460